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A Gorgeous Blast From Our Past!

September 28, 2021 1 min read

We spent a couple of days in Brisbane last week doing some buying for next Winter.  We were having a little break and enjoying the gorgeous weather.  Just strolling through the mall deciding to pop into Lorna Jane and who should I see?

Well..... not at first because the funny thing about wearing masks is you tend to "Look" but not "See" the person behind the mask.  I took a top up to the counter and the sales assistant asked me my name to enter my sale into the system.  I responded and then I hear this happy exclamation of "Megan! Is that you?" 😂😂  Behind the mask of the Lorna Jane shop girl was none other than our little Lily Young. 

Of course she is all grown up now but it just warms the soul to think that this beautiful young woman who used to be our little junior is now making her way in Brisbane at QUT and is putting all those skills to use in her part time job at LJ.  Her big smile is firmly fixed in place and she is as delightful as ever.  Always part of the SGS family, it was good to catch up to her.  


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