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February 09, 2021 3 min read

How fast did January go?  Absolutely every single time it is always so busy and before you know it, you're off and running well into the new year and all of its promises. 

So here we are already ...into the month of Love 💕 💖  It is of course Valentine's Day soon and this can bring us a bag of mixed emotions. 🤔

Whether you are "in love or not" this world wide beloved date (and it doesn't have to be the 14th) can be celebrated by all of us. 

We can be mindful of making a connection and to remind yourself why you are thankful for the presence of that special person in your life.  We could all allow ourselves to get carried away with the huge marketing ploy behind this day or we could be generous with our words, our praise and our actions to each other... all of which have a more lasting effect on the people around us.  It doesn't have to be a lover you choose for your Valentine, it could be your work colleague, your neighbour, or your friend.  To show that person the depth of your appreciation of them in your life is surely worth some time out, just to "say it" "shout it" or "show it" 😘

I love February..... Peter asked me to marry him on Valentines Day all those years ago and we celebrate it every year since.  In a life that is so busy I am grateful for the reminder to STOP and take a breath.  To STOP and create a bubble that is ours alone to look upon each other and appreciate what we have become.  To acknowledge what we have built together.  He is my lover, my best friend and my soul mate.  🥰😍😘. Yes, I am one of those annoying people that buy the card and think really really hard about what I could do for him that year that will show him better than last year that I love him!  He is so hard to buy for.  Unless there is something very obvious or maybe I have written an idea down from last year in my phone.... I usually would just try to make time for us by way of a Date or a weekend away. 

I think the important thing is the "doing" not the "spending".  Each year you may choose to do the same thing making it a beautiful ritual between you both or you can be creative and crazy as you want!  Change it up and surprise him or her with a WOW Valentines Day ❤️.

It will also depend on where you are in your relationship - if it is a romantic relationship for instance, you could just be in the first exciting stages of romance, you could be saving for a house, having babies or retired.  Honestly, it does not matter.  At any stage and with any person the idea is that you make it a point of showing them how much you love and respect them and definitely how much you want them in your life.  

Dress up for them 😊 Make it special.  Remember that first flush of romance? When you would take simply hours to prepare? 😳😳 Do it! Its the best feeling, to know you are making yourself beautiful for your partner.  It is a special ritual which is sometimes lost as the years go by and we get caught up in the mundane of living.   Going to that extra length of getting your hair done, having a facial, waxing and tanning.  Putting on makeup, wearing that special dress or gifting yourself with something special to wear will show them that you went to extra lengths to look good for them and also that you care about how your appearance  - for them.

No matter what you choose to do to celebrate this beautiful day marked in red on our calender, make sure you give the gift of "time".  I want to show my husband that he is everything to me and yes, I will be absolutely turning my phone to "do not disturb"....  😉💛🌼🧡


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