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Megan Canfell

Owner of Secret Girl Stuff

Mum to Ryan, Thomas, Laura, Georgia, Harry

......and Willow, Hazel & Lemon Canfell 🐶🐶🐶

I once read that being a mum means being wrong a lot but so badly wanting to be right.  I am thinking that this is pretty much on the money and it only gets harder as they get older.  My kids are no longer kids, they are all adults navigating this big world in the drivers seat😳  They each have their dreams and expectations that they set upon themselves and then they have the expectations that we have put upon them (unconsciously and unintentionally but there nonetheless!)  When they leave school it becomes a culmination of those life expectations all heaped upon them, at once.  As well as  all that preparation that we have put into them throughout their growing years .... we expect all that ground work to come to fruition.  We want for them everything they have ever wanted for themselves and much much more.  Sometimes it works out and sometimes other plans have to be made.  I think that is where my strength as a mum might lay.  I hope that I have given all of my children the ability to be flexible and to be resilient and to know that we will always be here for them and that our home is their "safe place".  We can only provide for them what we most need in our own life.  We can only provide for them what we most identify with and for Peter and myself our home is our sanctity and our "people" ....  the village that we surround ourselves with, are what we value above all other things.  

For anyone that doesn't know me, I have a blended family.  I have a bonus child then 4 biological children. So we have 5 all up and 3 Mini Schnauzer fur babies.  That is a whole lot of lovin' right there ❤️❤️ 😍 

I am so grateful to be blessed with the love of my step son Ryan.  It is not a given that there would be love in our relationship but there is an abundance of it.  He is one of the most funniest, engaging humans I know and I am proud to call him my son.  We are one of those crazy families that have found it much easier to just "get on with life" and to be as involved as we possibly can.  He has 7 brothers and sisters from both families and they all get along well with our youngest from each family being close friends who regularly hang out.    We love that they all accept each other because it shows us that they value what matters most and that is family and friendships.  They have a link that is forever and we look upon them with wonder that these kids of ours are so loving and accepting it is ridiculous to think life could be any other way for us.  Being a mum of boys and girls gives me all the benefits of the whole "Mum" package.  I get the benefits of the never ending love that comes from having sons.  They never enter or leave a room without letting you know you are loved.  You get their messy handwritten cards for mothers day and you know that those hastily written words are chosen with care and speak only truth.  My girls are my best friends.  We are creating a lifetime of shared experiences and emotions together and I will never want for anything with them by my side.  

Being a mum is what I first and foremost identify myself as.  Everything else can fall into place or out of place or whatever, but my mothering is always open for business. It is my first year of not having any kids in school so I am trying to adjust.  I am trying to balance my life and I am trying to love it all just as much as I can because nothing is a given.  Happy Mothers Day for 2021 I wish you all an abundance of love and laughter for your special day.  Relax, accept and enjoy ..... you all deserve it xoxo




I have asked three local business women to contribute their thoughts on what motherhood means to them.  I am so grateful to them for getting this to me as its been a hectic week here for us in Rockhampton with the famous Beef Week happening.  I knew I could count on them though.... if you want something done.... ask a busy woman!! 

Stacey Hill

Owner of Xanadu Yoga Studio

Mum to Jaidah, Iyana, Raena, Elaiah, Ahria

and ...... Barbara & Bruce Hill 🐶🐱 


Becoming a mother awakened a part of me I never knew existed. It was like turning the dial up on my emotions from 10 to 10 thousand; intensifying feelings of absolute love, protectiveness, wonderment and joy...while at the same time bringing out strong feelings of inadequacy, confusion, doubt and guilt.

In raising my daughters, I have also raised myself. With every lesson I have tried to teach them, I have also taught myself. With every mistake, misstep, setback, triumph, success and achievement along the way, we have learned, adapted and grown together. Just as they have kept growing from babies, to children, to teenagers and into adulthood, I have kept growing as a mother, as a woman, as a citizen and as a soul.

Being a mother has brought the most beautiful, exhausting, rewarding, frustrating and empowering experiences to my life and I wouldn’t be a fraction of the woman I am today without them, or without the influence of my own amazing mother.

Happy Mother’s Day!


Dianne Jeha

Owner of Needlework Cottage

Mum to Sloane, Elias & Naseeb

Grandmother to James, Rose, Peter, Kate, Eli and Cilla.


Mother’s Day Blog


M    my reason for being on the earth is definitely to be a mum. I am quite sure God placed me here                       to have a family and it has been the most valued thing I have had the privilege of doing.

O    oh what a ride-  After a rocky start I was ecstatic to give birth to Three wonderful little people. My first thoughts were wonder and euphoria – to realise I didn’t know the first thing about raising and     keeping safe a dear little person.          

 T    thoughts of how do I nourish and care for them was paramount.

H    how are you to know the right thing to do when there is so much advice being given to you – will I do the right thing? 

E      excitement on Mother’s Day in those early years was to be able to have a shower without interruption or sit through a meal without getting up.

R     respect is something I hope I have given my mother and respect is what I have for my children and my grandchildren.









Terri Livingston

Owner of Terri Williams Hair Salon

Mum to Jack and Mollie

...and Olive & Oscar Livingstone 🐶🐶

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May 10, 2021

Well done Megan- from one mum to another and all mums- Blessings and have a wonderful life. Dianne

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