New Arrivals // Banana Blue Spring 2019 Collection

Introducing our first delivery from our Australian made fashion house Banana Blue.

This season Banana Blue is the perfect way to enter into the warmer seasons. Our selection includes pants, tops, oversized duster jackets, cropped jackets, jumpsuits. Of particular note is the gingham print available in classic black, vibrant blue and warm yellow. Crafted in cotton the fall of each garment makes a statement and flatters the body. Our curated selection also includes the classic crop jackets not only in Gingham and Scribble print but in black and white too! These crop jackets are the perfect piece if you love the edgy layering look or if you like that bit of extra coverage with sleeveless under pieces. 

We are limited with photography so if you have any questions please don't hesitate in contacting us via email, message or phone. The girls are always happy to take extra photos or help you with sizing or fabric questions. 




July 16, 2019

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