September 12, 2020 2 min read

Hello Everyone! I am Megan the owner of SGS and I really wanted to get started on this Blog at the beginning of September but anyone who works full time and juggles family commitments knows just how easy it is for time to slip by and you are playing catch up. 

So as my title suggests, I want to chat about all the changes that are taking place for us here at SGS. Spring is a time for change and we aren't just talking about the Season (which I love by the way.... it is my favourite time of year) we are talking about how you will be seeing Secret Girl Stuff in the future. 

We are working closely with a fabulous team getting our Website even more fantastic and spreading ourselves a little more over the world than what we have done before. 

We want to be able to reach everyone!  In order to do that we have been doing some tweaking and you might come across a few glitches at the start but we will soon get it under control.... I am crossing my fingers ;-) 

There are lots of exciting changes happening in store as well.  In order to better service the website we will be dropping a few hours in our Bricks & Mortar Store in Allenstown, Qld. 

This will allow us time to also do some Styling Sessions with women wanting to revamp their wardrobes or change their "look".  We can do this instore via appointment or really exciting!  Via Zoom. 

Keep a close eye out for this as I think it will be a great way for everyone to update their wardrobes and hey! even have that closet clean-out that we all want but never get around to doing. 

We will be there with you every step of the way guiding you toward a more organised, user friendly wardrobe.  I am incredibly blessed to work with my daughter Laura on a daily basis and we are both fully qualified Stylists with years of experience.  Keep an eye out for some great introductory offers of this service.  

Well, this is the start to a weekly blog that I hope will be a little bit of fashion stuff and little bit of me sharing my personal stuff.  Just Stuff you know?  Just Stuff that I hope will be something that adds value to your day and even maybe brings a smile to your face.  Till next time,

Lots of Love,

Megan xoxo

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