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    The Rise Of The 

    Slow Fashion Movement

    What is it?

    Fast Fashion is the process of imitating trends and styles from the big name designers on the runway. These are often utilised by fashion conscious individuals at a low price. Although this enables one to access fashion cheaply, it holds a negative effect to the environment and for those creating the garments. Slow fashion aims to decrease the speed of production, consumption and disposing by placing greater appreciation on one’s purchase. Carefully considering an acquisition, connecting with clothes instead of having just another addition to the wardrobe which may be only worn for one occasion. Slow Fashion considers the materials used, how the garment is made and who is making it, in order to be ethical without compromising on quality.

    Secret Girl Stuff      X     Slow Fashion Movement

    Secret Girl Stuff remains dedicated towards encouraging our customers to consider 'the bigger picture' when purchasing garments.
    Our team is committed to working with our online and in store customers to create a story in their wardrobe, piecing together a collection of breathable fabrics and easy styles. SGS is located in the heart of Central Queensland. This ensures our labels' fabric's are of natural fibres and breathable; lending themselves to layering for the cooler months.
    We are conscious when sourcing labels and strive to adopt those that align with the Slow Fashion principles. A number of our brands are Australian Made with even their fabrics being milled in Australia. Our off-shore labels have designers working close to their overseas manufacturers ensuring ethical and fair trading practices apply.

    Our Slow Fashion Labels

    Secret Girl Stuff is home to a vast range of clothing labels. Many of these incorporate the Slow Fashion principles whether it be the whole of production being made in Australia, including fabrics, or to utilising Australian cotton and other textiles for their garments. Our brands that do require off-shore manufacturing work close with their production team ensuring standards of quality and Fair Trade are being met.

    〰️   Our Top Three   〰️


    Morgan Marks is understated, art-driven and considers its aesthetic, positioning and service paramount to its success. The small team are extremely passionate and focused. They love to push boundaries with an emphasis on continually reinventing their gallery like environment. Head Designer, Morgan Marks, works close with her off-shore manufacturers and has majority of the label produced within 100km of her studio in Perth. They also relish their involvement with the designers they showcase whose work transcends everyday trends and the presentation of collections.

    Shop Morgan Marks


    Through the contradictions of elements the greatest possibilities and conclusions to design occur. Inspired by these conflicts, banana blue finds the balances between modern and classic, unstructured and tailored, sophisticated and casual living. The label specialises in exclusive designer knitwear in luxurious natural yarns and original colours, and creatively shaped garment dyed linen, with attention focusing on soft fluid lines with contemporary details makes it ideal for the modern woman of all ages. Banana Blue unites edgy characteristics with classic, timeless pieces which provide diverse, beautiful ranges.

    Shop Banana Blue


    Launched in Melbourne, Valia is providing high quality womens wear inspired by the ease of Australian way of life and regular travels arounds the globe. Caring about the environment Valia supports local industry and uses sustainable yarns including bamboo, cotton, modal, linen and merino wool. There merino wool is a ultra-light merio blend that is modern, comfortable and easy to care for. It is perfectly suited for travel needs as it requires little maintenance Valia has always worked with the same high quality Australian grown and produced merino wool with even the fabric being milled in Victoria.

    Shop Valia
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