Brand Valia


The Road Pant is 7/8 length with a tapered leg and again the variation fabric stripe with a jersey waist band for comfort and fit. Available in Taupe, Black & White.  Don't wait to grab these as our Valia Pants are always walking out the door.  Once you've bought one pair you are hooked!

Of course this is our favourite label bringing everything we love to the table.... MADE IN AUSTRALIA USING ONLY EXCLUSIVE FABRICS


100% LINEN

We admire linen and its natural feel, and are very proud to be working with it every day.  Associated with summer, linen is irreplaceable on hot summer days - it allows our bodies to breathe and feel cool.  Even though linen is a strong, natural material, it is not at all harsh on the skin, becoming softer and better looking with each use.  Linen's beautiful drape is perfect for creating signature Valia silhouettes. 

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