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Some exciting news happening in our world and hopefully yours as well ❤️❤️  We are moving our Bricks & Mortar store to a great new location on William Street.  We have been looking for the perfect spot for a couple of years now and this just fell into place, like ....when you just know its right. 🤔🤙🏻 

Of course if you have read any of our background you will all know that we have a very long suffering, patient and talented man in our life.  He lets me get away with a certain amount, then he will just go "nope, not happening",  Do you know what I mean? 😂😂 I am the "big ideas girl" and he is the "realist who can actually make it happen guy".  See how our realities are a bit different?  But!  Sometimes, our stars align and we agree 😊.

He has taken to writing my statements on the wall as the renovations happen.....

"This is perfect! You don't even have to do too much... just wait and see.  We will make do"

"It was perfect, before you guys came in and started tearing everything apart"

"Just a lick of paint babe, it will be awesome!"

oh, the list goes on...... 

So, yes it is a major reno job and it really does make my heart sing.  I love doing this and I may or may not have known what was really involved and I do know my husband.  If its going to be done.  It will be done to "perfection"... it's why I love him.  We are both perfectionists.  So, please stay tuned for what will become our new look and our new hub.  

This space gives us the opportunity to really branch out and do a few things we have wanted to do for a while but we are so short on space it is impossible.  More on that later...

Here are a few pics of the before the men started tearing things apart....

  1. Peter contemplating on leaving me 🤔🤪 Whilst the men look into the ceiling and keep going on about how bad it is up there...... sssssshhhhhh!!! 

2.  They see floor boards that need to be pulled up, ceiling that needs to be pulled down and I see an amazing creative space for styling suites, yoga & meditation space, video studio, the list goes on!!!

3. Lots of design and construct happening on site.  Gotta love the old buildings but they aren't safe at all and a lot of work has to go into this place to get it up to scratch. Thankfully we have the best team who have great ideas.  They all work so well together.  Love them xox

4.  Richy will you stop pointing this stuff out? 😳😳

5. Yeah..... this is scary alright.  Don't look down! Don't look down!!  It will be a new bathroom and store room soon 💛


6. More discussions 

7. It's not just inside but outside as well! 

8.  Pulling up all the old carpet tiles to see if we can transform the concrete into a thing of beauty 💛


9.  Us working some ideas out... well its actually Peter drawing me a picture of what he means.  I'm a visual girl, I need to see it 🤔


10.  So, it begins here.... Our gorgeous space that will start to take shape over the next few weeks.  So excited!!


We would love to share our journey with you about our new SGS on this blog and on social media.  There will be regular updates so to keep up to speed make sure you follow us on Insta and FB.  The new store will take us into our 10th year of trading as well so there will be some pretty exciting things happening over the next couple of months.  

Till next time xoxo

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Helen Woodard
Helen Woodard

June 27, 2021

So excited & happy you ended up getting your dream space to make it all real for you two lovely ladies . Can’t wait for the end surprise . Great news .

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