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 An inspired idea sparked on the bustling Parisian streets, quickly turned into a high-quality, luxury cashmere label. Alessandra Cashmere creates playful and considered garments for bold, intelligent women.
Founded in 2002 by Creative Director Sandra Brand, who capitalised her passion and unique experience to bring high-quality, wearable luxury into the Australian market.
Sandra was raised in the textile industry, spending most nights after school on the factory floor. With sentimental ties to garment design and production, Alessandra Cashmere was the next logical step.
What started as a few styles based off of a bright, playful cashmere sweater that was gifted to Sandra as a child -  has evolved into a multi-faceted fashion label, offering not only cashmere but blends of the highest quality natural fibres.
Every Alessandra garment is designed and manufactured with longevity in mind.
Based in Melbourne, Victoria, Alessandra creates feminine, sophisticated and animated garments suitable for every season.