Aquamarine Deco Ring

By Fairley


Simple and stunning, this ring showcases an amazing faceted emerald stone, set in sterling silver with 18k gold plate matte finish.

Emerald mirrors the splendour of spring with its rich green colour. From Egyptian pharaohs to Inca emperors, emerald has enchanted royalty. Emerald is the stone of the goddess Venus, resulting in the association of emeralds with romance. Emeralds are said to bring passion, bliss, and unconditional love. Legend has it that wearing emeralds can give you the ability to foresee the future and see the truth.


Emerald 6 mm x 8 mm

Band width 2 mm

18k gold plate

Matte finish

*Please note the emeralds vary in shades of green from light to dark. If you have a preference please put a note in your order. All stones are handpicked for their beauty.