Cassidy Belt in Olive Suede


    • Be bold, be fearless, be brave & be true to who you are. Brave + True is imbued with the essence of adventure and discovery, but also the personal quest to express yourself through your style. Saying who you are without having to speak. Brave + True features modern silhouettes, streamlined fabrics and a contemporary colour palette.

      * For those days that call for a something a little extra to your wardrobe, the Cassidy belt truly transforms any outfit
      * Adds a boho vibe & revitalises all you favourite dresses or knit wear styles
      * Fully adjustable to fit all sizes
      * Designed to be worn on your waist or your hips depending on what you are trying to flaunt or hide!
      * 100% Suede leather

      * One size.

      * OS: W 124cm H 8cm D 1 cm