Neo Bracelet in Red

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By Mingk



Neo Bracelet 

Colour Ways

Black, Red and Grey

Mingk proudly brings to you the most beautiful and exclusive fashion jewellery from European designers.

'Neo', short for neoprene, which is the material for dividing suits, has found its way into the Mingk Collection. Created by Roman born, Rosanna Contadini and Isabella Nardone, only three years ago, the collection breaks all the rules of fashion jewellery.

It's soft, pliable and waterproof. 

Neoprene is a synthetic rubber, based on polychloroprene and is normally used to make wet-suits, laptop sleeves, electrical insulations, car belts and now designer fashion jewellery and home accessories.

Rosanna and Isabella use old traditional techniques and apply the new material to create jewellery, bags and objects such as baskets and cushions.  The neoprene threads are knitted together.

To add to the twist Analia Restrepo joined the team at Maison et Object in Paris with her creations made of plastic threads, silicon, and metal paillettes...creating very light, transparent and soft pieces. They now work all together to create an amazing contrasting combination of product!