EveryTime Earrings


All creations are one of a kind and assembled by hand using vintage jewellery and ephemera. Each piece is designed to evoke the beauty of time past with the appeal of contemporary fashion.

Pamela Nakoski resides in upstate New York and has had a love affair with anything vintage as long as she can remember. “My parents are antique collectors/dealers and have instilled in me a deep appreciation for any item that has withstood the test of time. Vintage jewellery has a gorgeous patina and was made to weather years of wear. I love to take a particularly interesting vintage pin or earring, and build a spectacular necklace using that piece as the focal point. To me, beauty is found not just in how something was made, but how it has aged.
Each Vintage Soul design has a rich history and is given a new beginning in hopes of providing the wearer with a feeling of romance, whimsy and individuality.